What is SOLOSHOT3?

SOLOSHOT3 is a system that allows you to automatically film outdoor activities from a distance without a camera operator.

How does SOLOSHOT differ from action cameras?

Action cameras turn the subject into the cameraman. SOLOSHOT turns the cameraman into a robot.

Our customers love to use SOLOSHOT and Action Cams together to capture the action from two very different perspectives:

  • Action Cams to show the subject’s point-of-view
  • SOLOSHOT to show the spectator’s point-of-view

The SOLOSHOT perspective is great for training because it captures stable perspective footage preferred by coaches, judges and recruiters.

Can I track indoor with my 3rd party camera?

Currently, the Indoor Accessory is only compatible with our line of OpticX cameras to be able to use SOLOSHOT3 for indoor tracking.

We are working on making indoor tracking available for some 3rd party cameras, so be on the lookout for additional Indoor Accessories after we begin shipping in the fall of 2016!

In the meantime, grab one of our OpticX cameras to get the most out of your SOLOSHOT3 unit!

What is the difference between SOLOSHOT2 and SOLOSHOT3?

We’ve been hard at work taking all the feedback our early adopters gave us on SOLOSHOT2 and implementing them in our 3rd Generation Robot Cameraman:

  • Set up time has drastically been reduced from 8 minutes to 30 seconds and completely eliminates the walkabout and the need for a centering object.
  • Touch screen interface on the SOLOSHOT3 Base means a much more friendly user experience. Gone are the days of memorizing which LED means what.
  • Indoor tracking is now an option with our Indoor Accessory.
  • If you don’t like where you set up the Base, you can easily move it to a new spot without having to do the set up procedure all over again.
  • Now you have Live Streaming capability that is broadcast to your personal SOLOSHOTcloud and channel.
  • We have created our own line of powerful OpticX Cameras for SOLOSHOT3 to fit all your needs.
  • The SOLOSHOT3 Base can pan 40 degrees per second faster and tilt 35 degrees faster for tracking those fast action activities.
  • The tilt range has increased by 20 degrees for a total of 140 degrees, (-50, +90).
  • The Tag is now 40% smaller and 30% lighter for our team athletes.

Is SOLOSHOT3 cross-compatible with SOLOSHOT2 products?

Since SOLOSHOT3 will be utilising different combinations of technologies, any SOLOSHOT2 Bases, Tags or Camera Controllers are not compatible with SOLOSHOT3 products.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are an early adopter, shoot us an email at, and we’ll be happy to take care of you.

Does SOLOSHOT3 automatically control zoom and focus?

Yes. The Base automatically adjusts zoom and focus to keep you in focus and in the shot. Zoom and/or focus control may not be supported for some 3rd party cameras.

Are GoPro cameras compatible with SOLOSHOT3?

  • You can mount a GoPro to the Base using the SOLOSHOT3 Camera Adapter and the GoPro tripod mount (sold separately).
  • Please note that since GoPro cameras don’t have zoom capability and they come with their own remote, they won’t be able to auto zoom, or remotely be controlled by the Tag.
  • Stay tuned for additional accessories that will unlock more features and make your GoPro content compatible with SOLOSHOTedit and SOLOSHOTcloud software.

Can I wear the Tag under clothing and still be tracked by the Base?

This depends on the environment that you are tracking in.

If you are tracking outdoors… 

  • The Tag can be worn under a thin layer of clothing, such as a jersey, and still be tracked by the Base.
  • Avoid placing the Tag under padding, in pockets or under jackets because it will not track accurately at all.

If you are tracking indoors…

  • The Tag can be worn under any amount of clothing, including a jacket or inside a pocket.
    Remember that if you are wanting to track indoor, you will need the Indoor Accessory and one of our OpticX cameras!

What happens if I go out of the tracking range?

The Base will stay at the last position it received a signal from the Tag before the Tag went out of tracking range.

Once the Tag re-enters the range the Base will automatically swing to the Tag’s new location to re-capture the rest of your activity!

How can I protect my SOLOSHOT3 against theft?

If you are far away from your Base during use, we understand the concern that somebody might want to run away with your little robot cameraman!

To lessen the risk of this happening to you, check out our security tips below…

  • Use a K-lock (sold separately) to lock your 3rd party camera to the Base.
  • The OpticX cameras will come with their own locking mechanism so you don’t have to purchase an additional K-lock.
  • The Base will come with a tripod tool to lock the Base to any tripod with a 3/8″ mounting screw.
  • Use a bike lock to secure your tripod to a nearby stationary object such as a trash can or lifeguard post.
  • Use common sense when using your equipment, as with anything else! Get creative with placement to protect your robot!

Stay tuned for additional security features and apps that we will be releasing in the coming months!

What are the main differences between Pixio and SOLOSHOT3?

From our observations, these are the main differences between SOLOSHOT3 and Pixio are the following:

  • Pixio requires beacon set up to film indoors and we only require the Indoor Accessory.
  • The equipment is heavier and bulkier than a SOLOSHOT3.
  • You still need to purchase a 3rd party camera whereas we created our own OpticX cameras specifically for SOLOSHOT3 to make it easier to set up and make all features available.
  • Pixio does not tilt up and down, only move left to right. SOLOSHOT3 both tilts and pans.
  • Pixio does not have anti-theft features, whereas we have a couple.
  • You have to purchase a different set if you want a longer tracking range. Our outdoor tracking range is up to 2000 feet.

What kind of tripod do I need?

The SOLOSHOT3 Base connects to a standard 3/8″ tripod mount, which is a little thicker than the 1/4″ mounting screws that most cameras mount onto.

If you don’t have a tripod we offer two different tripods with the 3/8″ mounting screw.

  • Tripod lite is suitable for the majority of applications such as team sports, presentations and RC flying.Professional tripod is recommended for harsher outdoor environments such as windsurfing, for use with heavier prosumer cameras and for
  • Professional tripod is recommended for harsher outdoor environments such as windsurfing, for use with heavier prosumer cameras and for astro-tracking.

If you already have a tripod…

  • Check if your pan/tilt head is removable, as most of these heads are mounted onto 3/8″ screws for a solid mount.
  • If not, you can also purchase a 1/4″ to 3/8″ tripod adapter screw for your tripod. These are relatively cheap online.
    Check out our online store and see which tripod works best for you!

Opticx Cameras

Should I get the Optic25 or the Optic65?

Both cameras offer high-resolution filming, but they do differ in ways that can be important depending on what you are looking for.

The Optic65 is great if…

  • you are sometimes performing activities further than 600 ft. from the Base, such as kite surfing or filming your drone flight since you will have a 65x optical zoom.
  • you are wanting to record in 4K or 2.7K resolution.
  • you want to utilize the 240 frames per second for awesome slo-mos.

The Optic25 is ideal if…

  • you will be filming the majority of your activities within a 600 ft. range since 25x optical zoom is more than enough. Most indoor activities will fit under this.
  • you are not looking for any resolution higher than HD (1080p).

Both offer…

  • the same 12 MP for photo stills.
  • storage on a microSD card.
  • input for external mic, as well as built in mic.

Can the OpticX cameras record audio?

We understand that audio is half the battle when it comes to capturing great footage!

With the OpticX cameras, we are offering multiple audio recording options for SOLOSHOT3:

  • Built-in mono, digital microphone
  • Input for an external analog, stereo microphone via a 3.5 mm jack
  • Support for remote wireless microphone (sold separately) to have the option of capturing audio in the Tag’s (subject’s) environment via a 3.5 mm jack
  • Proprietary hot shoe so you can physically mount the external mic or wireless mic receiver. Please note you will still have to connect audio to the OpticX cameras via a 3.5 mm jack since the hot shoe is for mounting purposes only.

Do the OpticX cameras have an HDMI output?

Our OpticX cameras don’t have an HDMI output directly on the camera, but there is an HDMI out on the Base!

The SOLOSHOT3 and SOLOSHOT3pro Base is equipped with an HDMI out for video switching, broadcast etc.

What is the high bitrate of the OpticX cameras?

Both the Optic25 and the Optic65 camera have a high bitrate of 60 Mbps (7.5 MB/s).

This is the same as the GoPro Hero Black.

Can OpticX Cameras record in slo-mo?

Our OpticX Cameras are AWESOME. Both the Optic25 and the Optic65 are capable of capturing slow-motion.

  • The Optic25 is capable of recording up to 120 fps
  • The Optic65 is capable of recording up to 240 fps

You can use slow-motion playback in either of these frame-rates.

Can the OpticX cameras also take still photos?


  • Both the Optic25 and the Optic65 can take stills of 12 MP.
  • The still image sizes of both are 4000H x 3000W and are saved as JPEG files.
  • For Time Lapses, the intervals can be customized from 1 – 3600 seconds.
  • You can choose from automatic exposure, or customize it up to 10 minutes with our manual exposure option.

What are the photo burst rate settings on OpticX Cameras?

Our OpticX Cameras have multiple Burst Rate settings:

Optic65 Photo Burst Rates are:

  • 3 fps (up to 10 seconds)
  • 5 fps (up to 6 seconds)
  • 10 fps (up to 3 seconds)
  • 30 fps (up to 1 seconds)

Optic25 Photo Burst Rates are:

  • 3 fps (up to 10 seconds)
  • 5 fps (up to 6 seconds)
  • 10 fps (up to 3 seconds)

Do the OpticX Cameras film as wide as the GoPro cameras?

Not quite! The Horizontal Field of View (HFOV) of both OpticX cameras are 72.6 degrees at their widest zoom, whereas GoPro cameras have an HFOV of 170 degrees.

At their narrowest zoom (telephoto), the Optic65 is 1.3 degrees and the Optic25 is 3.4 degrees.

Automatic Filming

Can you manual zoom and/or auto track using SOLOSHOTapp?

Yes! With our OpticX cameras you can control the camera remotely via the SOLOSHOTapp.

SOLOSHOTapp has two modes: Director Mode & Remote Control Mode.

In Director mode, the camera automatically tracks the Tag. If you purchased and paired multiple Tags, you can switch from Tag to Tag, start, and stop recording.

In Remote Control Mode the camera can be controlled solely from the SOLOSHOTapp and the tag would not be necessary! Here you can manually controller zoom, pan, tilt, and start and stop recording.

Is manual tracking an option with SOLOSHOT3?


Although automatic tracking is nice, sometimes you just want to grab the reins and take control.

Your SOLOSHOT3 robot understands this, and gives you the option of enjoying either automatic tracking or manual tracking. It’s up to you!

What is the difference between SOLOSHOT3 and SOLOSHOT3pro?

SOLOSHOT3 and SOLOSHOT3pro Bases have the same features and functionalities. The only difference is the relative size and the weight they are built to support.

SOLOSHOT3 can support the weight of a camera less than 1.5 lbs, including both OpticX cameras.

SOLOSHOT3pro is slightly larger and can support the weight of a heavier camera less than 10 lbs.

Another minor difference is the size of the touch screen on the back of the Base. The regular Base has a 2.4″ diameter and the ProBase has a 3.5″ diameter.

If you plan on using your SOLOSHOT3 with any pro-sumer camcorder, DSLR camera, or heavy duty lens, we highly suggest using SOLOSHOT3pro to handle the weight!

Can I use any camera with SOLOSHOT3?

Yes and no, for a few reasons:

  • If you wanted to get the most out of your SOLOSHOT3, we recommend going with our OpticX high zoom cameras that have been specially designed for our little robot cameraman and offer full access to every feature that we’ve built to make the 3rd generation so ridiculously robust.
  • If you already own a 3rd party camcorder, check it against our list of supported cameras to see if it is compatible with the auto zoom, remote control of the recording from the Tag, Live Streaming and 30 sec. setup features.
  • If you’re a DSLR or GoPro connoisseur, you can use SOLOSHOT3Pro to create beautiful motion time lapses and catch great fixed zoom clips or stills. You cannot auto zoom, remotely control the recording or shutter from the Tag, track indoor or live stream to the SOLOSHOTcloud with these cameras.

What is the tracking range of SOLOSHOT3?

Indoor Tracking:

SOLOSHOT3 can track the Tag as close as 0 feet and up to 100 feet using the Indoor Accessory and one of our OpticX cameras.

Stay tuned for range booster accessories after product launch!

Outdoor Tracking:

SOLOSHOT3 can track the Tag 10 to 2000 feet with no additional accessories.

How big is the Tag?

Here at SOLOSHOT, we know size matters and our 3rd generation Tag is not very big at all.

Our SOLOSHOT3 Tag weighs 1.4 oz. and measures 42 L x 42 W x 15 H (mm).

It is 40% smaller and 30% lighter than the Tag for SOLOSHOT2.

Can SOLOSHOT3 be moved while filming?

Yes! That is one of our favorite new features about SOLOSHOT3!

Move your Base from location to location whenever you want to try a new vantage point.

In fact, SOLOSHOT3 will continue to track and record the subject while in motion, if you’d like! How cool is that?

No more re-calibration with every movement of the Base – ensuring you get the best clips, and saving you tons of time so you can stay in the moment.

We will be releasing motion accessories such as golf cart, boat and car mounts in the coming months!

How fast can SOLOSHOT3 track?

The Base pans up to 120 deg/sec continuously in both directions and tilts at up to 60 deg/sec (down 50 degrees and up 90 degrees).

Is SOLOSHOT3 waterproof?

The SOLOSHOT3 Tag is waterproof (up to 100 ft.) and shock resistant (up to 25 ft. free fall onto asphalt).

SOLOSHOT3 Base and OpticX cameras are NOT waterproof or shock resistant but rugged enough for outdoor use.

Please take steps to protect your Base from the elements.

How does SOLOSHOT3 differ from a drone?

Drones capture amazing aerial video but have very limited battery life, may disturb those around you and face increasing bans on use in public spaces.

SOLOSHOT3 quietly films the action from a distance for multiple hours without disturbing bystanders or the moment itself.

Pro Tip: Place your SOLOSHOT3 in the stands, on a cliff or atop a high tripod to get hours of stable video from an aerial perspective.

How long is the SOLOSHOT3 setup process?

Less than 30 seconds. Just power on the Base & Tag and go! Your Base will automatically perform a short self-calibration routine and start tracking. Once tracking, you are free to move the Base at any time. SOLOSHOT3 even tracks while moving.

Can the SOLOSHOT3 Base be mounted on a boat, car or drone?

Your Base may be mounted on a boat or car, but not to a drone. However, our customers like to mount the Tag to their RC plane or drone so they can capture high quality stable footage of their acrobatic flights.

How does SOLOSHOT3 know who to film?

A one-time process pairs your Base & Tag together. Use the touchscreen or your mobile device to add more Tags, remove Tags and manage how Tags are tracked by your Base.

Automatic Editing

What is SOLOSHOTedit?

SOLOSHOTedit is a free automated highlight finding software built into SOLOSHOT3 and SOLOSHOT3pro to save you a whole lot of time in the editing room, so you can get back out and do more of the things that you love.

Our engineers have come up with some crazy algorithms for various activities, to automatically detect the best clips from your recorded session, so you don’t have to!

You can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each highlight clip that you like or don’t like, and SOLOSHOTedit will bring them together for a quick highlight video. How cool is that?

How does SOLOSHOTedit determine what is a highlight?

SOLOSHOT3 generates a lot of data while tracking the subject.

We’ve written algorithms that correlate that data with what’s happening in the shot. You can also manually mark a highlight by triple tapping your Tag.

If you don’t like a highlight that it pulls, simply say ‘no’ when reviewing the clips, and it will take that out of your highlight reel.

SOLOSHOTedit is already pretty awesome but will get smarter and smarter as more people use it and interact with their highlights. It adapts to your style!

Can I turn off the auto-edit feature on SOLOSHOT3?


The auto-edit highlight feature is completely optional. If you prefer to manually edit and find highlights in your footage, then by all means please do.

If going through hours of footage doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, flip the auto edit option on, and you’re all set.

Can I adjust the highlights in SOLOSHOTedit?

Yes! You have full control over what ends up as a highlight in the final reel.

Our SOLOSHOTedit family of desktop, mobile and web based highlight management tools allow you to easily adjust the start and end of each highlight, or delete it completely.

SOLOSHOTedit will adapt to your style as you interact with your highlights more and more.

Does SOLOSHOTedit work with SOLOSHOT2?

We haven’t forgotten about our loyal SOLOSHOT2 users! We built a special desktop version ofSOLOSHOTedit just for you.

We will release this desktop tool in the coming weeks and can’t wait for your feedback on it.

Does SOLOSHOTedit automatically add music?

Not yet but we are working on it!

As with previous generations, we will release free updates to our product firmware and software tools as we continue to improve how SOLOSHOT3 automates, simplifies & democratizes the production, distribution & discovery of high quality user generated video.

Easy Sharing

What is the SOLOSHOTcloud?

The SOLOSHOTcloud is an always accessible hard drive in the sky that stores nothing but the best clips from your sessions, and allows your friends and family to access your live stream instantly!

Gone are the days of constantly buying new hard drives and storing old SD cards hoping that one day you’ll have the time to go through and organize all that content.

SOLOSHOT3 is changing the way we film, share and store our video content!

How is sharing easier with SOLOSHOTcloud?

We’re so glad you asked! Let us count the ways…

  • Since your best SOLOSHOT3 clips are already located on the cloud, you won’t have to upload content each time you want to share to a different platform.
  • Various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are already integrated with your SOLOSHOTcloud, so you simply identify the platform, compose your post and SOLOSHOT3 will take care of the rest.
  • SOLOSHOTcloud allows instant access to your live stream from your friends, family and fans around the world.

How can I automate sharing with SOLOSHOT3?

Aside from manually sharing your SOLOSHOT3 content via the SOLOSHOTcloud, you also have the choice to automate it. One less thing you have to worry about when your robot cameraman takes care of it all!

We’re hard at work optimizing the various automation tools within the SOLOSHOTcloud that will allow you to set rules for who is allowed on your cloud, what content is shared, when that content is shared and where you share your clips!

Does SOLOSHOT3 have Bluetooth connectivity?

Our third generation robot cameraman does NOT have Bluetooth connectivity because it is not required to share content, nor is it required to have manual control over the Base.

You can easily share content and control the Base via WiFi, which SOLOSHOT3 DOES have.

Bluetooth is also not required for the external audio options, since the OpticX cameras come equipped with a built-in mono mic, as well as a 3.5 mm jack input for external mics.

How much storage space does SOLOSHOTcloud have?

With SOLOSHOT3’s automatic highlight detector, all of your highlights will have unlimited storage space on the SOLOSHOTcloud.

Full live streams will remain on your cloud temporarily, and we are working on ways to improve the storage space and duration for our users!

Live Streaming

Where does my SOLOSHOT3 live feed stream to?

We have some really neat developments for SOLOSHOT3. One of the coolest features that we are most excited about is Live Streaming.

Initially, your live stream will save to your SOLOSHOTcloud account.

From there, you can broadcast the live feed to your followers via the SOLOSHOTapp.

Just invite your friends and family to log onto your SOLOSHOT account so they can be in the moment alongside you – even if they’re miles away.

Once the live broadcast is over, your auto-detected highlights and marked highlights will remain on the cloud.

How does SOLOSHOT3 send the live stream?

When you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, SOLOSHOT3 is designed to stream your live feed via RTSP up to your personal SOLOSHOTcloud, where it will be available on the Web and on mobile devices via our SOLOSHOTapp.

In the field, you can use your phone’s hotspot functionality or a MiFi hotspot to provide connectivity to the Internet.

Our OpticX cameras can only stream locally to the SOLOSHOTcloud/ for now, but keep an eye out for upcoming streaming services that will be offered after product launch this summer.

Can I use SOLOSHOT3 in conjunction with a live stream encoder such as Teradek VidiU?

SOLOSHOT3 does not need a live stream encoder such as Teradek VidiU to stream to your SOLOSHOTcloud.

If you already have a Teradek and your own camera system, and are wanting to use the Base to automatically track the Tag, make sure that you get the SOLOSHOT3pro+Camera Adapter to be able to handle the weight of your system (not to exceed 10 lbs).

Do I have control over who can see my live stream account?


We understand that your privacy is important, so you have the option of setting your SOLOSHOT account as public or private to protect your live feeds from any unwanted viewers.

Can I live stream to third party servers, software, or CDN's?

When SOLOSHOT3 is released, it will only live stream to your SOLOSHOTcloud, and the stream can only be viewed on the SOLOSHOTapp.

The stream cannot be sent to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Periscope, or any other third party livestreaming device at product launch.

We will be releasing more live streaming options after product launch this summer, so please check back then for the latest live streaming developments!

What is the resolution and bit rate of the live stream?

SOLOSHOT3 offers:

  • 720p resolution for your live streaming feeds.
  • a variable bit rate when uploading based upon bandwidth available. Multiple bit rates will be available from within the SOLOSHOTapp and the player will adapt to available bandwidth as you watch the stream.

Can I record to a microSD card and broadcast the live stream at the same time?


When using our OpticX cameras, the video is both live streamed and recorded locally to a microSD card on the camera.

When using the Optic65, you can record 4k30 and stream 720p!

Can I download the footage to use on a site other than


SOLOSHOT3 OpticX cameras record .mp4 files to your micro sd card, and you can use this footage wherever you would like since .mp4 is universally recognized.

The live-streams can only be viewed via SOLOSHOTapp or on at launch, but we plan to explore sharing to third party platforms in the future.

Is there a real-time delay with SOLOSHOT3 live streaming?

Yes there is. The delay can range from 3 to 30 seconds.  

The delay depends on many factors including:

  • internet connectivity speeds
  • bit rates
  • the amount of buffering that your local video player adds

Astro-Tracking & Motion Time Lapse

What is Motion Time Lapse and Astro-Tracking?

We’re so glad you asked!

SOLOSHOT has made it easier than ever to fast-forward time and photograph the heavenly bodies. With SOLOSHOT3, you’ll use the touch-screen interface to customize the values, and be ready to go with the touch of a button.

Motion Time Lapse is a technique used in photography where you take several photos over a (usually extensive) period of time at various intervals moving slightly after each photo, then play it back at a faster rate so that continuous projection of the frames gives an accelerated view of the process with an added directional movement.
Astro-Tracking refers to a photography technique that is used to compensate for the rotation of the earth in long-exposures, so that you can track the stars, galaxies and sky without seeing streaks in your final product.

Is SOLOSHOT3 compatible with astro-trackers?

Our 3rd generation robot cameraman is the astro-tracker itself and does not need to be used with any 3rd party astro-tracking systems.

SOLOSHOT3 is truly out of this world with these new specs:

  • If you are using one of our OpticX cameras, SOLOSHOT3 aligns itself with the polar star.
  • If using a 3rd party camera, you can manually fine tune the polar alignment using your camera’s viewfinder – sort of like you would do with an alignment scope.
  • Once alignment is complete, you will manually aim the camera at the object you want to track using the touchscreen interface or SOLOSHOT app (preferred) and SOLOSHOT3 will begin tracking and taking pictures and/or video.

How do I program SOLOSHOT3 for Motion Time-Lapse and Astro-Tracking?

We have come a long way from SOLOSHOT2’s method of programming the Base via a 2.0 USB stick to achieve these photography techniques.

Everything will now be done via the Motion Time Lapse app or the Astro-Tracking app using the touchscreen interface on the back of your SOLOSHOT3 Base.

You will input the values to customize your MTL or Astro to make it your own.

Stay tuned for step-by-step instructions after product launch this summer!

Multi-Mode & Multi-Angle Tracking

Can the Base track multiple Tags at the same time (Multi-Mode Tracking)?


  • You can pair up to 50+ Tags to a single Base using the on-board touchscreen interface.
  • For automatic tracking, you can have the Base…
  • track the closest Tag
  • track the fastest Tag
  • track an average between two or more Tags
  • track the Tag that calls out to the Base via button press
  • For manual tracking, you can have one person telling the Base which linked Tag to follow at any given time via Control Room in the SOLOSHOT app.

Can multiple Bases track the same Tag (Multi-Angle Tracking)?

Yes. SOLOSHOT3 is very flexible and the touch screen makes it easy to turn your robot cameramen into a robotic production crew. You can have 1 Base track 1 Tag, 1 Base track multiple Tags, multiple Bases track 1 Tag or multiple Bases track multiple Tags. Simply use the touch screen or your mobile device to manage relationships between all your Bases & Tags.

How much control do I have with multiple Tags linked to one Base?

SOLOSHOT3 has been optimized to give you the best experience and the most control when filming more than one person.

  • You may associate each Tag with a unique SOLOSHOTcloud account. The Base(s) will manage everyone’s highlights and push them to each user’s account. It’s sick!
  • With automatic multi-mode, you can tell the Base to follow either the closest Tag, the fastest Tag, an average point of two or more Tags, or the Tag that calls out to the Base via button press.
  • Using manual multi-mode, you can have one person be in charge of which linked Tag the Base follows at any given time using the Control Room in the SOLOSHOT app.

What happens if multiple people use their SOLOSHOT3 in the same location?

An exciting SOLOSHOT soiree, hopefully!

Each Base & Tag has a unique ID so the pairing process ensures multiple systems won’t get confused with somebody else’s system.

Your Base will not track a Tag linked to another SOLOSHOT3 Base being used in the same vicinity, unless you pair that Tag to your Base and go into multi-angle mode for some sick shots!

Battery Life and Media Storage

What SD card do I need to use for SOLOSHOT3?

Both OpticX cameras utilize microSD cards for media storage. These are sold separately. We recommend SanDisk or PNY brands with a read/write speed of at least 40 Mbps.

To record in 1080p or lower resolutions, please refer to the below card requirements.

  • microSDHC
  • Class 10 or UHS-1 rating
  • 128GB (max)

For 4K resolution, please refer to the below card requirements.

  • microSDXC
  • Class 10 or UHS-1 rating
  • 128GB (max)

How many hours of footage can I record with SOLOSHOT3?

SOLOSHOT3’s battery life allows for 3.5 hours of use.

If you are using a 64GB microSD card, you can record about 3.5-4 hours of high-definition footage. This means 1080p resolution or lower.

Results will vary based on the file sizes, resolution, compression, bit rate, content, host device, and pre-loaded files.

How long does it take to fully charge SOLOSHOT3?

SOLOSHOT3, SOLOSHOT3pro and the SOLOSHOT3 Tag all take 3.5 hours to fully charge.

When fully charged, the SOLOSHOT3 system lasts 3.5 hours with typical use cases.

The Base provides power to the OpticX cameras, and this is included in the estimated battery time.

Can I connect SOLOSHOT3 to an external power source to make it last longer?


With SOLOSHOT3, you can plug the Base into a USB power source to not only keep the unit from dying, but also charge the unit up a bit during use.

SOLOSHOT3 takes 5 volts with at least 2 amps to charge the unit.

You can plug the Base into a wall power source, or a portable power source – such as a USB power pack from GoalZero.

How can I prolong the battery life of my SOLOSHOT3?

SOLOSHOT3 runs on non-removable, rechargeable li-ion batteries. To get the most amount of charge/discharge cycles from these batteries, please follow the tips below:

  • Keep batteries at room temperature (about 75 degrees Fahrenheit) and avoid extreme heat.
  • For the first 30 charge cycles, partial discharge cycles are recommended.
  • After 30 cycles, it’s recommended to let the battery discharge completely so as not to alter the accuracy of the battery gauge.

For extended storage, it is recommended to discharge the li-ion battery to 40% and store in a cool place.



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